Everyone deserves a chance.

Giving back through life-changing experiences.


Families in Ethiopia live under poverty due to unemployment, lack of food and medical assistance.

Life Skill Training

Healthy Food & Water

Medical Assistance

Our general skill training programs give those who have not yet reached their full potential a chance to succeed.

Trainings are given about how to get clean water and healthy food to prevent diseases like diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure and gout.

In order to provide medical assistance to those who need it, we will establish relationships with local hospitals and doctors.

What we can do with your help

Contributions or partnerships of any amount will assist us in creating jobs for our future generation.

You can support any part of our activities and we will be giving you recognition under your company or individual donation.

Learn the stories of those we’ve already helped

These are the people who suffered and were displaced from their home in Ataye, Ethiopia. The people who lost their lives such brutally should experience no such suffering within their own country. Wishing may God bless their souls and provide strength to their families as well.

We donated food, clothes, shelter, and other necessities to the displaced people who are struggling in the aftermath of this horror. It is our prayer that God will give strength to their family members and bless their souls for those who lost their lives.

We are always where others need help

50,000 Birr

Donations of different materials worth ETB170,000, including luggage, light bulbs, and other basic needs, have been made.

75 blankets, clothing, and injera baking pans were donated to the displaced people of Ataye.

20 Blankets

Everyone should have the opportunity and chance to financially support him or herself and their family. Various career options should be made available to enable their success in life.  For those who have not succeeded or have chosen to opt out of the Academic Educational path, entrepreneurship and skills-training jobs could be their way to success. 

Women are forced to do degrading jobs because of poverty and lack of support from their families. They are part of the workforce, many times, in low wage or risky professions. Why not give them a chance by training them in  tradecraft skills so that they can become self sufficient and keep their dignity and pride.

Woodwork is a creative skill . High school graduates who do not have a chance to continue in higher education can benefit from woodwork. It will help them establish a cottage industry. Especially in a developing country such as Ethiopia, it will open tremendous opportunity for them to grow.  They would have a better chance to provide a better standard of living for themselves and their family. As the construction industry is booming, endless opportunities exist for the supply of woodwork which these kids could take advantage of. 

As the growing population is joining the increasing workforce, and the standard of living is improving, young professionals are having the disposable to take advantage of the food service industry.  There is a growing demand for the service/food industry and catering businesses.  Training women in food preparation and baking and assisting them to run clean, organized businesses can help meet the growing demand of the much needed service and the food industry. 

As cities are developing in many parts of Ethiopia, there is a growing demand for hair and  beauty services. Various services within the industry such as manicures, pedicures, makeups and massages are becoming more popular and in demand. This growing demand has created an opportunity for jobs. Training for both men and women could be provided to sharpen their skills and become professional service providers.

As Ethiopia’s economy is diversifying, there will be a growing demand for welders. Factories, car assemblies, constructions, household products, and engineering outputs would need welding. There is a tremendous opportunity for young people to be trained and certified to become professional welders and increase their household income. 

Our military , militia and special forces are sacrificing themselves to keep our country safe and free. After they are discharged from their duties, and return to civilian life, they would need to have some things to fall back on and take care of themselves and their families . They deserve to have  good training in field of their choice so that they can have a better standard of living. 

People would not want to leave behind their home country if they can have safety, security, education and an equal chance for a job opportunity. In 1974, Ethiopians were forced to leave their country because of bad politics, lack of quality education, a free market and opportunity for competitive jobs. This has continued since, and in attempts to reach safer lands, Ethiopian refugees drowned in the ocean, and faced many abuses, imprisonment, and modern slavery for a chance to a better life.  We can stop these mass exodus if we can provide them with skills- training and give them startup financing to start small businesses and live with dignity.

Our militaries, especially those with war injuries and in need of special attention and care, can have especial training while they are doing therapy to help them in their future life. 

For those who were displaced by violent conflict and forced to leave their homes, and villages, who lost everything they worked for  their lifetime need support to resettle and  start building their lives again. Skills-training  can help them recover fast, if we help them with start-ups and seed money, they can create small businesses with their newly acquired skills.  The training will be a  key factor for them to go back to their normal lives.

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The Life's Second Chance foundation was born with a vision of creating a world where people suffering from cancer get the best medical help and attention. By establishing hospitals and research centers, patients can be treated with dignity, comfort and hope.